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News Releases and Placements

IRI announced today that Marie Graham, CPA, Esq., has been elected to its Board of Directors. Graham is a tax professional and attorney who brings more than 15 years of broad tax experience to the board of the nonprofit agency, which provides services to individuals with developmental disabilities.

A festive atmosphere marked IRI’s 2017 Gala on May 4 at Glen Island Harbour Club in New Rochelle, NY. The annual celebration drew 320 guests and raised more than $165,000, setting an agency record in fundraising. Proceeds will benefit individuals with developmental disabilities supported by IRI, which is a Queens-based nonprofit that helps people with complex needs lead full, rewarding lives.

Independence Café was the setting for a celebration on April 12 when IRI, a Queens-based nonprofit, honored five seniors who have volunteered for the past year as companions to residents at two Day Habilitation programs that IRI operates in Brooklyn.

Raymond J. DeNatale, Executive Director of Innovative Resources for Independence (IRI), was honored last week by City and State magazine with a “50 Over 50” Award. DeNatale’s award underscores a career devoted to championing the needs of individuals with autism and intellectual or developmental disabilities.

The brightest business people under age 40 were honored on the evening of January 26 at Terrace on the Park in Flushing Meadows, Queens. Among them was Lindsay Brienza, Coordinator of Development & Fundraising at Innovative Resources for Independence (IRI), who was named to the “40 Under 40” top leaders in business at the Star Network event.

IRI: Innovative Resources for Independence welcomed the Acting Commissioner Kerry A. Delaney of the New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) on site tours this week of the agency’s Independence Cafe in Woodhaven and a nearby IRI independent living apartment.

In July of 2015, when New York City introduced its long overdue Disability Pride Parade to mark the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, among those marching were representatives of two award-winning Queens nonprofits: Independence Residences Inc. and Queens Parent Resource Center (QPRC).

Effective July 1, 2016, Independence Residences and QPRC formally merged, and marched in this year’s parade under the name IRI: Innovative Resources for Independence.

It was a perfect day for a walk in the park as more than 400 friends, family, and community members laced up to attend the 8th Annual IRI Walkabout & Picnic at Cunningham Park in Queens, on Saturday, July 30.

Innovative Resources for Independence (IRI) announced today that John McGuigan has joined the agency as Associate Executive Director of Program Operations.

Independence Residences, Inc. and Queens Parent Resource Center have merged, effective July 1, 2016, to become Innovative Resources for Independence (IRI). The merger brings to fruition a three year affiliation between the two nonprofit agencies, which pooled their resources to provide services to individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD) in the face of changes TOWARDS managed health care.

  • Independence Residences, Inc. Unveils New Brand and Plans of Merger at Annual Gala
  • The 2016 IRI Gala on May 5 was cause for celebration, as the nonprofit officially announced that later this year Independence Residences, Inc. and Queens Parent Resource Center will merge, as well as unveiled the results of a rebranding effort that it undertook after the two organizations became affiliated in 2012. Independence Residences, Inc. and Queens Parent Resource Center are now IRI: Innovative Resources for Independence.

On The Leading Edge of Technology

Proloquo 2

What is it? A fully customizable communication application that interfaces with smart phones and tablets. The app is programmed with picture/icon representations of words and common phrases that the user can string together to communicate a thought.

How does it help? This is an indispensable communication aid for non-verbal individuals

On The Leading Edge of Technology

Telehealth Services

How does it work? Individuals can have their vital signs taken right in their homes. The information is digitally recorded providing personalized biometrics that help detect medical conditions earlier based on trended data. This service also provides virtual intervention between nurses and individuals using a smart tablet.

How does it help? Medical staff is more knowledgeable about patients’ care in between visits. These services also greatly reduce hospitalizations therefore also reducing the number of disruptions for individuals in their homes.

On The Leading Edge of Technology

Pulseox Monitor

How does it work? Remotely monitors oxygen levels of individuals with respiratory issues. Allows nurse to monitor the oxygen level remotely.

How does it help? Helps to remotely monitor blood oxygen levels and send an alert to the nurse if levels are imbalanced.

On The Leading Edge of Technology

GPS Watch

How does it work? Individuals can travel safely and unsupervised. Individuals simply wear the watch that communicates to an app used by IRI staff.

How does it help? This technology prevents individuals from getting lost. Staff can also see where individuals are without having to be there in person.

On The Leading Edge of Technology

Home Sensor Technology

How does it work? A suite of interactive sensors is outfitted on kitchen appliances and above doors. If an individual, living in their own apartment, turns the stove on, then exits the kitchen, IRI will get an alert. If the individual leaves the house at an unusual time, we will also be alerted.

How does it help? This provides un-invasive oversight. Individuals can live independently with confidence. It also reduces the need for in-person staffing.

On The Leading Edge of Technology

Medication Wheel

How does it work? This simple device alerts individuals when a medication dose is due, then opens to dispense medication. If the medication is not taken or the wheel is not closed properly, IRI will be alerted.

How does it help? For those individuals living in apartments or homes, they can now take medication without staff intervention.

On The Leading Edge of Technology

Samsung Galaxy Tablets

How does it work? There are many existing applications, and new ones being developed every day that are targeted to assist disabled individuals in enhancing their abilities

How does it help? Allows us to use a variety of online applications that support the abilities of the users

On The Leading Edge of Technology

Amazon Echo

How does it work? Wirelessly controls lighting and other devices through voice commands.

How does it help? Helps individuals who are otherwise unable to manually operate devices to do so independently.

On The Leading Edge of Technology

Pressure Pads in Beds

How does it work? Allows the staff to monitor bed time routines when people are in and out of bed with a remote monitor; a notification goes to remote staff person when a person has gone to bed and if they get up during the night for an extended period of time.

How does it help? Helps ensure safety by sending staff an alert when an individual is out of bed during the night.

Innovative Resources for Independence is formerly Independence Residences, Inc.

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